>50 TRX Burpees and 50 TRX Body Rows a day keep your fat away


Try this workout:
1 round as fast as you can of:
50 x TRX Burpees
50 x TRX Body rows
Although this workout seems simple enough it WILL “sting”.  Great for burning fat and getting your abs ripped.
Few Tips:
TRX Burpee
Think of this as mashing up a TRX suspended lunge with TRX suspended uni push up.  Like most complex movements using your core is very important, it will keep you balanced and steady.  If you are just starting to play around with TRX defiantly give this a crack, however in suspended push up position you might want to keep your foot on the ground to protect your lower back.
TRX Body Row
If possible get your feet as close as possible towards or under the anchor point of the TRX, as this will keep it challenging. Try to keep the space between your chin and shoulders nice and open, do not crunch up through your shoulders and you might want to look up in the sky rather stare at the anchor point of the TRX

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