>10 Things I learned / observed by going to the big commercial gym


1.The guy that sells you a membership is your “best mate” until you commit on the 12     month gym contract…and then he can’t even  remember your name.
2. A Kettlebell is a great door stopper.
3. You must carry your towel around on your shoulder, however you do not need to wipe sweat of the equipment after your use.
4. No one uses Rowing Machines.
5. “TRX?…what is TRX? Olympic rings?…like on the flag?”
6. After each set of bicep curls it seems compulsory to flex in front of the mirror.
7. It seems if there is a female working out it’s compulsory to stare and act as if you’ve never seen a female in your life.
8. You are not allowed to wear Vibram 5 finger shoes because it is an OH&S issue, however any other running shoes are fine.

            “Why?…oh just in case, if you drop the weight on your foot”
9. You do not have to put equipment back after you use it.
10. If you are training with a partner make sure you have a lengthy chat with them in between the sets, even though there could be someone waiting to use the same piece of equipment.
I am sure there are plenty more.  If you’ve got any more please include them on Facebook.

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