>"Midlife Crisis"


Good Afternoon,
Full body “Pure” TRX workout time:
1 round as fast as you can of:
40x TRX Anatomic Push Ups
40x TRX Squat Jumps
40x TRX Body Rows
40x TRX Balance Lunge
Put a stopwatch on and see how long it takes you to complete 1 round.
One thing that you have to think about is that if you want to track your fitness levels and keep a check on how you improving, make sure you set some standards.
Some of the standards that I use for my clients and myself are:
40x TRX Anatomic Push Ups – “chest to the ground and feet starting under the anchor point”
40x TRX Squat Jumps – “ass to the grass”
40x TRX Body Rows – “feet under the anchor point and stay on your heels”
40x TRX Balance Lunge – “Back knee to kiss the floor – not smash the floor”
It is always a good idea to set some sort of standards so when you re-test you have “valid” result.
Also if this choice of exercises is challenging, water it down and choose exercises that you can do.  This is the great thing about TRX.
Just remember to try to include push, pull, lift and core “flavors”.
Contact me with any questions and good luck….

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