>6 reasons why you should be doing Pull Ups


·      Pull up is a compound movement. Which means you are using more then one-muscle group at the time. Doing big compound movements equal big strength gains and large fat loss.

·      For the Girls, Pull-ups will give you a nice back definition.

·      For the Boys, Pull ups will give you nice biceps aka “big guns / pipes”

·      You have to work both ways.  Unless you are master of doing “kipping pull ups”, you will have to control your movement on your eccentric phase (going down), otherwise you will stack it down or start swinging like a monkey.  You will have to use your core to reduce the “Swing”.

·      Pull Ups will assist you with developing of grip strength, which is important for every sport.

·      Pull Ups are a closed kinetic chain exercise. Closed Kinetic chain exercises are much more functional, they usually require more core control then open kinetic chain exercises like the lat pull down. (You will not get good at pull ups by just doing lat pull down)

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